Air Handling Unit


The Central Station Air Handlers Units are of a panelized construction with all metal parts fabricated of heavy gauge zinc coated steel. The basic coil and fan sections are insulated to prevent heat loss and condensation formation during cooling operation. Heavy gauge structural channel supports in strategic areas assure years of dependable service.

Unit housing can be made with a variety of constructional methods, with insulation thickness available in 25 mm or 50 mm sizes. Insulation can be fiberglass, mineral wool or polyurethane with varying densities Panels can be double or single skin. Other configurations are available upon request.
The coupling of adjacent sections is secured by the use of galvanised lap connectors. Internal and external panel walls have a smooth finish to simplify cleaning.
Access to generously sized service access doors with rubber seals and special fasteners.
COOLRITE Air Handling Units are available in weather-proof execution for outdoor installation.

Fan Section:

Each model can be supplied with various sizes of fan to ensure the best fan selection possible.
They are centrifugal fans with casing, statically and dynamically balanced and available with forward curved, backward curved or aerofoil section blades. Fans are mounted on rubber-in-shear antivibration isolators (springs isolators also available) and have a flexible canvas connector between fan outlet and unit casing.
Extensive research provided the technical information for precise selection of bearings to compliment the central station units.
The bearings used on all central station units have an average life expectancy of 200,000 hours. These bearings are rated in accordance with industry standards All bearings are sealed ensuring containment of the lubricant and exclusion of contaminants.
Motors are installed with belt drive on an adjustable base and are available for most voltages on 50 or 60 Hz operation.
Standard motors are TEFC, have class B insulation and are constructed to IP44 (class F insulation also available).

Coil Section:

COOLRITE's Air Handling Units, provide a highly efficient air handling system. Three types of coils are offered providing unequaled flexibility in almost any comfort or industrial application. These carefully engineered coils are designed for maximum air-to-surface contact and offer to the industry the optimum in heat transfer surface.
Coils are mounted on guide rails for side removal. They are constructed with seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded to retain aluminium fins. Copper tubes with copper fins are also available.

COOLRITE has developed circuiting methods using a nominal number of tubes per circuit which provides more flexibility, wider selections and unequaled performance. This concept permits a choice of feeds and tubes per circuit regardless of the rows deep, to best match water velocities and pressure drops.
All coils are tested to 31 bar air pressure under water and are suitable for working pressures up to 16 bars. Coils are available for steam, chilled water, hot water or DX systems.
The drain pan has been extended beyond the coil section providing complete condensate drainage. Heavy gauge galvanised steel construction, with welded corner joints provides a durable and long lasting unit. Full insulation eliminates panel condensation and guarantees a moisture-free unit. Drain connections are provided on each side ensuring case of installation.

Mixing Boxes:

COOLRITE has designed a mixing box which combines exact ratios of fresh air and recirculated air by means of an efficient operating damper system. This section is constructed of heavy galvanised steel and fitted with a damper system incorporating non-rust bearings. These construction features ensure life-time reliability. Full-width flanges are included on all inlets providing convenient installation and an airtight seal with ductwork.

Face & Bybass Damper:

Face and bypass damper sections are available for either internal or external bypass. Economical and accurate control of heating and/or cooling is achieved with the use of a face and bypass damper. The face and bypass dampers are multileaf and the damper blades are interlocked providing one control point. Construction is of a frame design, consisting of galvanised steel angles, securely bolted and braced to form a rigid and durable structure. The damper blades rotate in rust-proof bearings providing a smooth-action and requiring no lubrication. The damper sections are generously flanged and gasketed providing ease of installation and airtight assembly.


The following filter sections are available:

  • Low and high velocity washable aluminium filters.
  • Bag filters.
  • Absolute filters.
  • Carbon filters.
  • Filters are usually mounted on frames or slide rails and are removable from service side or service plenum.

Various types are available:

  • Steam utilising steam pipe.
  • Water spray type using special spray
  • nozzles.Steam with electric elements.

Sections & Accessories:

Airwashers section (various efficiencies), heat recovery units, silencers, face and bypass dampers, electric heaters, sand trap louvers, inlet and outlet dampers, external flexible connectors, inlet guide vanes, moisture eliminators, explosion proof construction are all available upon request.

Air Handling Unit

's Central Station Air Handling Units offer to the industry a wide range of units, providing adaptability to any comfort or industrial application. These units incorporate features that supply economical, efficient, and dependable performance. The basic unit plus a complete complement of accessories provides unequaled flexibility in system arrangements. These Central Station Units with Coolrite's built-in qualities of excellence provide the optimum in Air Distributing Equipment.

Sizes: from 70/35 to 315/280.
  • Capacity from 400 to
    43 000 cfm.
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